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Posted by: Ric Hansen on 09/17/2014 Paypal paying DJs 2013


Jeremih Don’t Tell em 9/17/14 Edits could save this.  Rap is nasty
Tove Lo Habits 9/17/14 Getting high
Pitbull Fireball 9/17/14 Drinking, getting naked etc
Nicki Minaj Anaconda 9/17/14 Guns, getting high. Her 2nd DNP this month
Jason Derulo Trumpets 9/17/14 Ties music into sexual fantasies 

TOP 30 Safe songs 9/17/14

Posted by: Ric Hansen on 09/17/2014

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1 1 Charli XCX Boom Clap 201425 92
2 2 Maroon 5 Maps 201425 120
6 3 Ariana Grande Break Free 201428 126
9 4 Iggy Azalia Black Widow 201426 82
3 5 Magic ! Rude 201416 72
8 6 Clean Bandit/Jess Glynne Rather Be 201409 122
13 7 Echosmith Cool Kids 201426 129
4 8 Demi Lovato/Cher Lloyd Really Don’t Care 201421 121
18 9 Meghan Trainor All about that bass 201423 67
15 10 Enrique Iglesias/Sean Paul Bailando 201421 91
5 11 Nico & Vinz Am I Wrong 201412 120
20 12 Taylor Swift Shake it Off 201434 81
7 13 Disclosure/Sam Smith Latch 201404 122
11 14 Ariana Grande/Iggy Problem 201418 103
23 15 Jessie J A Grande N. Minaj Bang Bang 201431 75
22 16 Katy Perry This is how we do it 201432 96
10 17 Becky G Shower 201418 119
12 18 Pharrell Williams Come Get it Bae 201419 120
30 19 Ed Sheeran Don’t 201428 95
14 20 One Republic Love Runs Out 201416 120
17 21 Calvin Harris SUMMER 201412 128
19 22 Rixton Me and My Broken Heart 201409 87
16 23 Kiesza Hideaway 201429 122
21 24 Paramore Ain’t it Fun 201352 104
New 25 Mr. Probz Wave 201435 120
New 26 The 1975 Girls 201427 109
24 27 5 Seconds of Summer Amnesia 201427 103
New 28 Jake Miller First Flight Home 201429 128
New 29 Calvin Harris Blame 201437 128
New 30 Nick Jonas Jealous 201437 93


Posted by: Ric Hansen on 07/28/2014 school dance movie

It’s rated R but critics are giving it some positive reviews.


Critic Rama Tampubolon gives it: GRADE: 4 out of 5
Rama Tampubolon

Holy smokes! I never thought I’d say this, but I actually had a blast watching Nick Cannon’s feature directorial debut, SCHOOL DANCE, this is a really funny movie and it’s got tons of familiar faces from George Lopez and Kat Williams to Kevin Hart and Wilmer Valderrama. The jokes hit the targets, and it’s not just a black-centric comedy either, it’s a high school comedy with a few sideline sketches on the side but it’s as if in a sea of mild to simply boring comedy movies out there, Nick Cannon and his co-scribe know exactly what can make us laugh. SCHOOL DANCE is fun, hysterical and downright cool.

Bobb’e J. Thompson is our lead man in SCHOOL DANCE, I was a huge fan of his hilarious starring role in ‘Role Models’ a few years back. Bobb’e plays a high schooler who’s a lot shorter than everybody else and just like everybody else, he too wants to fit in and there’s this rap group called the Rangers which tells him that if he wants to join in, he has to get the panties of a certain hot girl in school and that’s where Anastacia comes in, the girl of Bobb’e’s dreams in this movie.
By the way, it’s interesting in and of itself to see Bobb’e play some kind of shy nerd who has trouble rapping when in fact Bobb’e is actually a damn good rapper in real life.
The school in SCHOOL DANCE is filled with colorful characters and cliques, one of which is the hispanic gang led by Wilmer Valderrama’s character. One of the members of the rangers has a dad, played by Kat Williams, who’s in prison and owes this gang some money. Kat, one of the funniest comedians working today, gives a scene-stealing performance in SCHOOL DANCE, his is a must-see.
That same evening there is to be a lock in, it’s an event where for one night, students get to spend the night at the gym socializing and this is an event where things get rowdy and wild with parties bumpin’, there’s a contest with $2,000 grand prize and so the rangers are hoping to win in order to get their friend out of trouble. All the while, there’s another gang led by Kevin Hart, and also a couple of incompetent cops who help make this movie even more hilarious than it already is.

I think all in all, the reason why SCHOOL DANCE’s humor works effectively is because it’s built around the characters, and so no matter how silly it may get, it never goes astray from what the characters are all about, and sure it may be also about the usual high school complexities, like trying to fit in or the pressure of losing your virginity, but SCHOOL DANCE approaches it straightforward without make it too dramatic and it also doesn’t make light of them either.
For example, George Lopez plays the father of the girl that our lead has a crush on, and Lopez’s character has a scene in which he gives his daughter a fatherly advice about not to date black men, he generalizes that black men will smooth his way into your life, get you pregnant and then run off or disappear like a magician, but then his own hispanic culture young men aren’t giving him enough reasons to defend them. These are typical speeches that many parents out there give to their children behind closed doors. And so I don’t think SCHOOL DANCE necessarily is saying black men are cool and hispanics are not and vice versa, no. I think SCHOOL DANCE is trying to say that there will always be lazy folks in any culture or any ethnicity, it doesn’t mean that they are all lazy,because there will always be a few good apples worth getting to know. So that whole speech by Lopez could’ve easily turned into something that’s unnecessarily long or too dramatic with a mopey music score on the background, but nope, that whole speech was complimented with humor in between, along the way, so on one hand, it never loses its funny and on the other hand, at the same time, it retains its seriousness as well.
I think SCHOOL DANCE is a well-balanced Romeo & Juliet-esque comedy that accomplishes exactly what it set out to do from the get-go.

New Dance for back to school?

Posted by: Ric Hansen on 07/28/2014 Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 1.34.41 PM

Could this new dance “Super Selfie”  blaze a new dance craze going into the new school year.  It’d be great to put twerking and grinding in the dust with something a little more challenging and less disgusting.  Check out the Manoeuvres doing some hot moves to an MC Hammer classic.  Impressive.

DJs who play “Do Not Play” songs

Posted by: admin on 02/13/2014 Paypal paying DJs 2013

What really damages the school dance industry are those DJs who insist on playing inappropriate songs, and are tolerant of inappropriate dancing.  Administrators who are unable to control those DJs  that insist on crossing the line, many times choose to pull the plug on their school dances rather than condone unacceptable music and dancing.  Thus schools end up doing fewer dance events and there are fewer school gigs for the DJ industry.  The number of high school dances has been cut in half over the past decade, almost exclusively due to these lyric and dance issues.

Responsible DJs are proving every weekend, that dances can be fun, hugely popular and still be acceptable to the administrators.  Keep up the good fight!

I am always amazed at the DJs who ignore administration concerns and insist on satisfying their ego and bending to student pressure.  Likely they  won’t be invited back but event worse,  may have done irreparable damage to the dance program at the school.   Here is a comment from one such DJ in Riverside California:

That “do not play” list is ridiculous. Those are pretty much the biggest songs of the year and if you DJ ANY school dance and don’t play them, you will pretty much be labeled as the worst DJ alive. Please remove me from this email blast! Thank you.
Best Regards,

Nick Huicochea




Will Miley go to Prom

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Miley Cyrus responds to a fan’s invitation to go to prom.

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 6.32.18 PM

School Dance Network very much alive

Posted by: admin on 01/30/2014 please stand by

I got a call from New Orleans super star mobile DJ Rocky Bourg that gave me a poke- to post an update.  Thanks Rocky.

I realize the front blog post page here at the school dance network has been lying dormant for a while…..but believe me there is a lot going on behind the scenes.  Let me update.  Our DJ membership and school subscriber base had grown over the past couple of years to the point where it was time to do an upgrade in our site.  I hired a web guy to spearhead the project that was to be completed no later (absolutely) than January 1 2014.  With great hopes of an exciting launch, and plans to make a big splash with a vendor display showing off  the new site at Mobile Beat (next week) I was pumped.  January 1 came and went, and with more issues and challenges then had been expected….the new site is still readying for launch.  Hmmmm.  Very frustrating.   In the meantime, we have held steadfast to our content providing e-mails to our DJ members and to our school subscribers, sending our TOP 30 Safe Songs List (Mondays), our DO NOT PLAY list (Wednesdays)  and our bonus School Dance Content blog on Friday.  Our membership continues to grow, our subscribing schools  list continues to grow, and I am just so anxious to get the new roll out published.  Every time I get a web guy update, it is just going to be a day or so.   Now 30 “days-or-so” have passed with yet the latest word (yesterday)…it’ll be a day or so.

For those of you who have been patient…..when the new site launches look for easier use, updated look, and back to frequent content updates.   It’ll just be a day ….or so.

Ric Hansen



Top Play List

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    From: Conrad Hayes

    I really appreciate the time and effort that you put into this information. School dances are a market that really has not been developed. I have had one of my contracts for over 11 years and it would be great to have several more. Thanks for the tips.

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